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Sometimes, love isn’t enough!

I’ve been a sucker for romcoms for as long as I can remember. Nothing made me happier than watching iconic movies about relationships where two people fall in love, everything is all hunky dory followed by a happily ever after. As beautiful as love and relationships are portrayed in movies and TV shows, they’re also not entirely true. We know that love by itself isn’t enough. And with Oscar-nominated movies like Marriage Story doing the rounds, understanding relationships becomes simpler today. Hollywood finally reflects our reality and even comedy drama films and TV shows include real life experiences like break-ups and divorce in their story line along with cheesy content.
Marriage Story shows you a glimpse of how devastating divorce can be for a couple. It’s no piece of cake, surely! If unapologetically real movies are your thing, you’re going to love this one!

Someone Great
I’ve yet to meet somebody who hasn’t had even one break up IRL, even breaking up with the person you’re currently with counts, FYI! Breaking up sucks and nobody enjoys the process that follows. ‘Someone Great’ is one such movie that highlights the journey of a couple deeply in love who grow apart but refuse to accept it themselves. What I love the most about this movie? Realising that not all break ups leave you with resentment towards your partner. Sometimes things just fall apart and that’s okay!

An emotional family drama series, Waves is a beautiful journey of an African American family navigating their way through love, loss and forgiveness. Relationships within a  family are often complicated but not spoken of, in some cases for years at end. Waves throws light on something so important in a family dynamic that is often overlooked in a society like ours. Parents sometimes find it hard to be emotionally present and loving in a way that is needed for the child. While it’s heart-breaking to accept and understand for a child, it’s beautiful how children learn to forgive and reconcile with time.

Chesapeake Shores
This TV show on Netflix circles around the life of the O’Brien family staying together in Chesapeake Shores. I knew how broken homes leave an impact on children, but Chesapeake Shores showed me just how much. Every single person within the family is affected by divorce as well as their interpersonal relationships. This TV show is a real emotional drama but one that makes you feel warm inside. I’m in love with their title track already, it makes me feel like I belong in the O’Brien family!

You’re The Worst
Picture two self-centred people coming together in a modern relationship and think of every possible thing that could go wrong. You’re The Worst is exactly that and so much more. It’s real, it’s terrifying and it’s hilarious! There’s no denying that we like living by rules that we set for ourselves and nobody else has a say. But when we add another person to this mix is when things get too real, too soon and balancing between each other’s wants and needs without compromising your own becomes borderline impossible. You’re the worst also talks about how mental health affects relationships, making it an absolute must watch!

Relationships are complicated, messy and customisable. No two relationships are the same and when you think about it, it’s stupid to expect that given how we’re all such different people. Easy introduces you to various couples in Chicago navigating their way through open relationships, spicing up their sex lives and middle-aged dating. Available on Netflix, this TV show gives you a glimpse into what relationships really are like for different couples.

These unapologetically real TV shows and movies are definitely making it to my watch list. How about yours?