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7m ago

Sasta khau places in aamchi mumbai

Sasta khau places in aamchi mumbai







Mumbai can be an expensive city to live in, more so if you are an outsider. The cab fares and accommodation expenses alone can pinch your pockets and leave you with a strict budget to live by. But when it comes to food, aamchi Mumbai doesn’t disappoint. It’s dotted with pocket-friendly eating joints where you can fill your tumtums to your heart’s content without worrying about the affordability.
We bring to you our top favourite places in the city with a hint of what to eat at each one. 

Crystal, Chowpatty
This popular casual dining restaurant is almost always crowded with people, especially students. It has been winning the hearts of its patrons with its "homely" food for many years. Even though it's located at one of the most prime locations of the city, the food here is very economical and ultra-delicious.

LiveInStyle Loves:  Their Paneer Bhurji and Kheer are heavenly!

Average cost of meal for two people: INR 350 (approx.)
Sasta Khau Places In Aamchi Mumbai That Will Keep Your Tummy Khush
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Café Military, Fort
This is undoubtedly one of the oldest Iranian cafes in town that has been delighting people with its Parsi food for decades. Its interior décor exhibits antique mirror and painted glass panels on the walls and looks delicately pretty. 

LiveInStyle Loves: Try their signature Kheema Pav and if you have a sweet tooth try their Caramel Custard. 

Average cost of meal for two people: INR 250 (approx.)

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