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3m ago

Go retro this new year’s eve

Kalyan karmakar
Senior Writer
Go retro this new year’s eve

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that one’s taste in music is a reflection of one’s maturity. As I listen to Deep Purple’s Perfect Strangers, my mind drifts to a sombre conversation I recently had with my actor/singer friend from the cast of JCS’-The Musical. His name is Rahul Dutta. It was 2 am and we were at a coffee shop. We spoke about art, music, theatre, and everything in between. We discussed the battles between transient trends and timeless classics... between glitter and gold essentially. Nothing stood out more than our mutual love for music of the classic rock and retro kind. Here’s what Rahul said.

“While the sixties and seventies introduced Sympathy For The Devil, Tambourine Man, and Comfortably Numb to an ongoing strife on American soil, the eighties revelled in songs like Back In Black, Big City Nights, Paradise City, You Give Love A Bad Name, With Or Without You, Walk This Way, and so on. I have evolved ever since I experienced the sound and lyrics of bands like The Doors, Led Zeppelin, and The Rolling Stones for the first time. All through I realised but one thing: MUSIC IS LIFE! I used to save every penny of my pocket money just to buy an audio cassette. I used to have sleepless nights just waiting for that one album to release in India. But these are tales for another occasion. At the risk of sounding dogmatic, I must admit that I am certainly not equipped to enjoy a genre of music that prides itself on using the Macintosh as the primary instrument. To appeal to my senses, the music needs to come from a place of purity. That’s where the genres of classic rock and retro come from. They have been given those names for a reason.”

The conversation continued. Our gratitude for the smaller joys of life was expressed. Then I asked Rahul where he would be on New Year’s Eve. He said, “The scene has witnessed a huge populace migrating to the suburbs to let their hair loose till the party clock stops.” So as a resident of Malad West, he isn’t really complaining. Rahul will be either at Boveda or Big Bang dressed in his finest. So if you are at any of the aforementioned party spots on NYE, and if you see a tattooed man with long brown hair and an infectious smile, wave out. It just might be him. Oh wait, there’s a photograph here to help the ladies [2Blue laughs].

I also spoke to my restaurateur friend and retro music enthusiast Zameer Vahanvaty. Here’s what he said.

Party harder

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