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Get dressed to mingle this new y ear

Kalyan karmakar
Senior Writer
Get dressed to mingle this new y ear

New Year Parties are an important occasion in the event calendar. The fact that it’s celebrated by people sans boundaries and culture makes it even more important. The festive moods are up to maximum along with the beats. With a lot of singles gathering around for its celebration, why not dress up and make the best out of the ‘Party of Year'. Who knows, you might end up impressing someone and perhaps end up in a love story. After all, cupid is partial to well dressed people. Isn’t he?

Comfort Dressing

A lot of girls love the guys having a comfortable dressing sense. To send some casual dapper vibes, pull out your best pair of jeans and pair it up with a classic white shirt. Complete the look with a blazer. You can experiment by contrasting them with light toned jeans and a dark blazer or stick to a similar color arrangement. It is all entirely, dependent on you!

New Year Party

Artistic Dressing

Infuse an artistic touch to your NY Party outfit by adding turtlenecks. You can pick them up in rich warm shades of brown, classic black, scintillating navy blues, bright reds or the Pantone’s color of moment- Marsala -our latest crush. Team them up with perfect fit pants and a blazers of similar shades and you’ll definitely make a sight of an artist of style and confuse people too with your response to their question regarding question about your profession!

Artistic Dressing New Year Party

Party harder

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